How does it work?

Well for starters it isn’t an automated process. Each assessment is researched and written after I’ve pored over every aspect of your site and tested all the features and processes.

There are essentially 4 stages:

  • Site overview. If the site has major flaws (such as using frames or flash) then you will get a quick reply and no charge. If the basic structure is broken then there is no point in advising on all the small changes you need to consider.
  • Contact. If all is well I will get in contact to find out about your business and agree on the focus of the assessment. You may for example want me to concentrate more on the checkout or usability.
  • Invoicing. You will then get an invoice for £297. If you don’t wish to continue with the assessment process then don’t pay the money. No pressure, no obligation.
  • Assessment. Once I have your money I get to work on the assessment.

How long does it take?

The actual assessment takes a few days. It’s not just a matter of looking at each page on your website and commenting on the layout. I look at the page structures, the way the pages link together, the information flow, the calls to action and much more. I don’t cut and paste pre-written scripts either, every assessment is personalised for the site under review.

What to do with your assessment

What happens next is up to you. There will certainly be some layout changes to consider. You will probably have to do some content rewriting and even adjust the site structure. If you have an e-commerce store there are always some issues with the checkout so be prepared to employ the services of your developer.

If any part of the report needs clarification then a telephone call or email is all part of the service. I can even produce an updated report at no extra cost.

Get started

Each review is stuffed full of personal advice on how to improve your website. Just send me your details and I can get started:


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