Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

There are all sorts of complicated website privacy policies and T&C that nobody ever reads. So the fact you have even got to this page is a bit of a bonus.

I like to keep things very simple so here are my policies:

Privacy Policy

I won’t pass on your details to anyone else.

Any login details you give to me get deleted after the assessment is complete.

Nobody but you will see the report I write (unless of course you give it to someone else).

I think that just about covers everything.

Terms and Conditions

I will write you an assessment after you have coughed up the dosh. The assessment will be delivered within 3 working days unless the site is needs a little more consideration and it takes me a little longer to finish the investigation. I will tell you if this is the case.

The assessment will be delivered as a pdf to the email address you provide.

Anything you want expanding or if further explanation is required it’s all part of the deal, you don’t have to pay twice.

There may be things in the report you don’t agree with. These thing happen.


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